June 7th and 8th (Day1 and Day2): Hybrid style meeting

  • Presentation time

Invited : 30 min (including 3 min discussion)
Contributed : 15 min (including 3 min discussion)

  • On-site presentation

Your presentation needs to be done via Zoom because some of the participants join the workshop online. A computer with Windows 10, MS PowerPoint & Adobe Acrobat Reader will be available in the conference hall.


  • Online presentation

Please give your presentation as normally Zoom meeting. Please be aware of the time difference from Japan. If it is difficult to do a real-time presentation between 9:00am and 5:00pm in Japan, please prepare a pre-recorded file. The guidelines for the video file will be announced later.


Note that all the presentation will be recorded using Zoom for the participants who can not join in real time.


June 9th (Day3): online only

Presentation time: 10 min.

You will be asked to to submit your video file at least a few days before the workshop.

The conference website provides online Q&A capabilities.


After workshop

After the presentation, speakers will be requested to provide their presentation files. After workshop, the presentation materials will be provided to all the participants.