We decided to hold PiezoMEMS workshop in a hybrid form online and on-site, in order to keep an opportunity for face-to-face discussions despite the difficult circumstances.


June 7th and 8th (Day1 and Day2): Hybrid style meeting

* We will ask the speakers to make a real-time presentation using Zoom. For the speakers attending online from locations far from Japan, we will organize the program to take into account the time difference.

* Speakers do not need to decide whether you will participate on-site or online when they submit the abstract. The speakers can decide just before the workshop.

* Speakers who are unable to give a real-time presentation may submit a pre-recorded presentation.

* For the participants who have difficulty joining in real time, all presentations will be recorded and made available for viewing the next day or later.


June 9th (Day3): online only

* The third day will be an online session as an alternative to the poster session.

* Presentations will be given in an on-demand format.

* Speakers assigned to Day 3 are required to submit a 10-minute pre-recorded presentation.

* You can send questions to the speakers via the comment box.