Research facilities


Research facilities

Film deposition apparatus

Major film deposition equipment is available.


Molecular beam epitaxy apparatus

Plasma chemical vapor phase growth device

Atmospheric pressure plasma device

Laser abrasion film deposition apparatus#1

Laser abrasion film deposition apparatus#2

RF-magnetron sputtering equipment

Spin coater

Rapid heating furnace

Electrochemical deposition apparatus


Structure analysis apparatus

Analyze the crystal structure of producted sample.









4 rotates x‐ray analysis apparatus


Electrical characteristic evaluation apparatus

We are evaluating the physical properties of semiconductors and dielectrics.

Hall effect measuring device
(resist liquid helium temperature)
Scanning probe microscopy
(possible to evaluate electrical characteristics in a very small area)
Dielectric characteristic evaluation equipment set Laser doppler vibrometer
(use for evaluation of MEMS devices)
Impedance analyzer

Optical characteristic evaluation device




Ultra-pure water making apparatus

Cold isostatic pressing apparatus


Common equipment

Field emission form scanning electron microscope

Transmission electron microscopy

Photolithography device