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Research contents

【Laboratory Outline】

We aim to create more intelligent electronic devices based on solid state physics and semiconductor physical properties. An information processing device that stores and calculates like the human brain, a vibration power generation MEMS (micro-electro-mechanical) device that extracts energy from various vibrations present around the body and converts it into electrical energy Microactuator (drive element), sensor using light in the wavelength range of infrared to terahertz, solar cell that does not use pn junction of semiconductor, power semiconductor that is essential for electric car and power receiving system (smart meter, grid etc) In order to create electronic devices that contribute to safety, security, energy creation, and energy saving, we will promote research in a different direction from conventional semiconductor technology.


Advances in IT (Information Technology) are remarkable, and our lives have become very convenient. However, it goes without saying that science and technology that contributes to the safety, security, and energy fields require further innovative development. For example, the technology to convey important, large amounts of information that supports our lives faster and more accurately does not extend to the feet of life. Computers with built-in arithmetic elements of several GHz can be purchased at an inexpensive price, but the number of brain clocks (a value representing the speed at which the arithmetic elements process data) is at most 1 kHz. It’s very important to do parallel processing, forget what is not important, and learn what is important. As described above, in order to build a technology that can be learned and surpassed by living organisms, it is possible to use electrons, light, magnetic spins, dipoles, etc. in various ways without being bound by conventional concepts.

【Research policy】

In order to construct an operation principle different from conventional semiconductor devices, drive devices and sensors, 1) creation of new substances and construction of its inexpensive manufacturing method, 2) new physical properties resulting from combination of substances, 3) size, We are conducting research with four guidelines: shape utilization (quantum effects, interface effects), and 4) construction of new device operation principles.

【Main research themes】

■Development of high performance transistor type non-volatile logic operation element using ferroelectric for gate insulating film
■Development of power devices using ferroelectric / diamond interface
■Vibration power generation MEMS device and its sensor network construction
■Microactuator (drive element) using piezoelectric thin film
■Development of ultra-high efficiency solar cells using ferroelectrics
Infrared rays using strongly correlated materials~Terahertz sensor
■Creation of materials whose order of magnetic spins is changed by electric field
■Development and basic physical properties of field effect spin transistor
■Basic physical properties of ferroelectrics with magnetic properties
■Creation of novel piezoelectric materials that express electric field induced structural phase transition
■Creation of light emitting devices and power devices using atmospheric pressure non-equilibrium Prasma
■Development of quantum devices and power devices using oxide hetero interface
■Construction of an inexpensive solar cell manufacturing process using a solution
■Control the magnetism of Si based magnetic semiconductors by electric field

Atmospheric pressure plasma

piezoelectric MEMS oscillation power generation element

Electrical characterization of thin film samples