Invited Speakers


Author Name Organization Country Paper Title
Betul Akkopru Akgun Penn State Univ. USA Defect chemistry, charge transport mechanisms, and lifetime in heavily Nb doped PZT films
Hiroaki Kanamori Krystal Japan Production of piezoelectric thin film by unique single crystallization technology
Barbara Malič, Jozef Stefan Institute Slovenia Chemical Solution Deposition of Lead-Based and Lead-Free Ferroelectric-Oxide Thin Films: Comparisons, Differences
Sahn Nahm Korea Univ. Korea Growth of Crystalline Sodium Potassium Niobate thin Films at Low Temperature and Their Application to Piezoelectric Energy Harvester
Hiroyuki Ogihara Stanley Electric Japan High reliable PZT-MEMS scanning mirror for automotive lighting system
Niklas Svedin Silex Microsystems Sweden The Journey to World Class Foundry Manufacturing of PZT MEMS
Daniel Monteiro Diniz Reis Bosch Germany PiezoMEMS-Development at Bosch – Accelerating the path to reliable materials for future product innovations
Jin Xie Zhejiang Univ. China AlN Piezoelectric Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducers (PMUT) and Applications
Takahiko Yanagitani Waseda Univ. Japan Measurement of GHz kt2 hysteresis curve in piezoelectric film/substrate structure without removing substrate
Shinya Yoshida Tohoku Univ. Japan Development of Piezoelectric Epitaxial Thin Film for High-Performance MEMS
Qifa Zhou Univ. of Southern California USA Piezoelectric pMUT Transducers for High Frequency Ultrasound Applications